BHP ADA45 Profile Pack

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  • $14.99

The ADA45 Profile Pack seeks to recreate the tones of the A.D.A. MP-1 preamp. Classic albums from Skid Row, White Lion, and Extreme were all recorded with the MP-1 AND they all used the same preset!!! Uber-Producer Michael Wagener produced all of these artists and crafted some of the most iconic distorted tones ever to come blasting through speakers. This pack uses some of the same techniques he used, as well as some of the exact same gear that he used on these recordings (I purchased some of these units from him several years ago).

All 24 of the dirty tones (1 clean) in this pack start with the ADA MP-1 preset 45. There were slight tweaks along the way, as well as the use of the classic tone shaping gear.

The power sections for this pack were the VHT 2150 and the EL34 power section of a BE100.

If you have already purchased the ADAMP pack, you can upgrade to this pack for $5. Please contact me for a coupon code.