BHP CustE+

The BHP CustE+ Profile Pack is a whopping 56 profiles for the KPA. The BHP CustE+ seeks to recreate tone from racks and rigs that incorporated the Custom Audio Electronics CAE3+ preamp. This preamp is in the running for THE "Holy Grail Preamp". For this pack I profiled two different original purple CAE3+ preamps, and created a balance of tones that would complete any rack setup. In addition, I created an entire bank of Lukather style tones (mostly Candyman & Kingdom of Desire era), and Megadeth (mostly Symphony of Destruction & Youthanasia) style tones.

The BHG Cust3+ is a pack of 56 profiles for use with the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

2019 UPDATE! :

39 brand new profiles added. I really wanted to capture the fatter, more woody characteristic of the original preamp. So I used a Bogner Ecstasy as the power section. 24 of these profiles are Direct. 15 are Studio Profiles.


Most of my profiles are made with recording in mind (even though they work great live), and many of them emulate recorded tones. Because of that, some of the profiles match the recorded EQ curve of an album. So with the V2 patches, I was thinking, "OK, if I was going to go play a live show and brought my ( insert preamp name here ), how would I dial in my channels.

The CustE+ V2 patches are 4 new STUDIO, DIRECT, and MERGED profile, ranging from clean to full searing lead. It's the first time I've ever released Direct profiles. All of the V2 profiles were recorded with a gorgeous chrome faced VHT Classic EL34 power amp, which I didn't have when working on the V1 (so that's new too).

All of the V2 profiles are updates, so anyone who purchased a pack with V2 content will receive an update email link.


Profile Names :

CustE+ LK Candyman

CustE+ LK Ch1 Clean Dry

CustE+ LK Ch1 Clean Wet

CustE+ LK Ch2 Bright FX

CustE+ LK Ch2 Modern

CustE+ LK Ch2 Warm

CustE+ LK Ch3 Bright

CustE+ LK Ch3 High Gain

CustE+ LK Ch3 Warm

CustE+ LK EQ Gypsy

CustE+ LK Jimi FX

CustE+ LK Jimi Gain

CustE+ LK Out of Love

CustE+ Mega Foreclosure

CustE+ Mega Metal

CustE+ Mega Symphony

CustE+ Mega Train of

CustE+ MegaDave ch1

CustE+ MegaDave ch2

CustE+ MegaDave ch3

CustE+ MegaDave Lead1

CustE+ MegaDave Lead2

CustE+ MegaMarty Lead1

CustE+ MegaMarty Lead2

CustE+ MegaMarty Lead3

CustE+ Studio ch1

CustE+ Studio ch1b

CustE+ Studio ch2

CustE+ Studio ch2b

CustE+ Studio ch2 EQ

CustE+ Studio ch2 Lead

CustE+ Studio ch3

CustE+ Studio ch3b

CustE+ ch1 Dirt

CustE+ ch1 Fat Clean

CustE+ ch1 Gritty

CustE+ ch1 Really Clean

CustE+ ch1 Sheen Clean

CustE+ ch1 Warm Clean

CustE+ ch2 Chunky Rock

CustE+ ch2 Heavy Rock

CustE+ ch2 Hot Crunch

CustE+ ch2 Maxxed

CustE+ ch2 Rhythm Guy

CustE+ ch2 Vans H Brown

CustE+ ch2 Vans H Cool

CustE+ ch2 Vans H Hot

CustE+ ch3 1x12 Lead

CustE+ ch3 Lead Ballz

CustE+ ch3 Present Lead

CustE+ ch3 RebB M16

CustE+ ch3 Unruly Lead

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