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Thanks for checking out Big Hairy Profiles! In this free demo pack, I included 6 profiles, including 2 brand new profiles that aren't included in any of the profile packs. So, even if you have already purchased BHP packs, go ahead and download this free demo pack as well.

• BHP MBStudio Cln Smells - That famous opening of Smells Like Teen Spirit was played through a Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp. There's a lot of clean character in that 2u beast of a preamp, and it's faithfully recreated here.

• BHP DaMeter Plexi - The Demeter TGP-3 was made famous by Dean Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots. That 2u, 3 channel preamp is FULL of rich, glorious tones that give Fender, Marshall and Dumble's a run for their money. This tone is a similar to a Plexi, just starting to break up.

• BHP CustE+ Ch2 Rhythm - The Custom Audio CAE3+ was a purple-ish beast that came around towards the end of the rack era, and dropped immediately into Lukather and Landau's racks. The tones you can squeeze out of it are refined and tough at the same time. This preamp is capable of sparkly cleans, and the most searing saturated lead tones, but this profile showcases one of channel 2's strengths. It's a fantastic rocking rhythm tone. This profile is included in the CustE+ pack.

• BHP Sold88 Ch3 Ratt Jr. - The Soldano X88r is the Thor of rack preamps. Huge fat leads, sharp or warm, and punchy across the board. This profile is pulled from the Sold88 pack, and is meant to recreate Warren DiMartini's Soldano tone on ,"Way Cool Jr.".

• BHP KHQ4 OD Gain Maxx - comes from the KHQaatro pack. This pack after surprises people because the Kitty Hawk Quattro is a pretty rare piece. Original Kitty Hawk designs were based on old Mesa Boogie and Dumble designs. The OD Gain Maxx profile recreates a fat fat fat tone from channel 4 of the Quattro preamp.

• BHP Eggy Ch4 Heavy - This profile is not available in any of the other BHP profile packs. It recreates a tone from my factory modified Egnater ie4 preamp. It's heavy, and crushing, but not at the expense of great tone. It's a beast.

BHP are created in a professional studio, using some of the best gear in the world. Enjoy!


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