BHP Friedman Naked Profiles Pack

BHP Friedman Naked Profiles Pack

66 Profiles (40 studio / 26 direct)

For the first time ever, there is an official Friedman Kemper profiles pack, and it's a killer! The Friedman Naked Kemper Profiles from Big Hairy Profiles. This pack covers 40 STUDIO PROFILES of 2 amps, the black and white. Each profile is crafted for the closest recreation of the amp sound, as well as 9 presets inspired by record tones of APC.

Also included is 26 DIRECT PROFILES! These DIRECT profiles capture the head before it hits the cabinet, so you can run to a power amp and cabinet, or add any IR that you prefer.

Demo Video Here:
BHP Friedman Naked Kemper Profiles


Q: What is a Friedman Naked head?
A: This video explains it all

Q: So, does Dave love Kempers now?
A: No, tubes rule. But this pack is bad ass!

Q: What does A, W, B mean in the profile's titles?
A: "A" are sounds inspired by the band A Perfect Circle. "B" are the black Naked head "W" are the white Naked head. If there is no letter, then I lost track, it's one of those two!

Q: What's the difference between the two heads?
A: They're similar in DNA. The Black one feels more modern and bigger, with more presence. The White one feels more like a bad-ass mod on a vintage amp. But, they're similar.

Q: What cabs did you use?
A: A Marshall 4x12 with a combination of Greenbacks and V30

Q: Will there be more Friedman profile packs?
A: Cannot predict now.

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