BHP Lang DCP-1 Profile Pack

BHP Lang DCP-1 Profile Pack



The BHP Lang DCP-1 Profile Pack is based on the Langner DCP-1, a custom built preamp made by Todd Langner for Glen Alvelais (Testament / Forbidden / HateFX).I was lucky enough to see Glen play lead guitar with Testament (after Skolnick left the band) and I was blown away by his ferocious tone. Turns out he was using THIS Langner preamp. Todd was a brilliant amp designer and modder who designed the legendary ADA MP-1 preamp. He was also responsible for some of the most ferocious Bay Area Thrash amp tones including Gary Holts early Exodus tones. The DCP has also been spotted in rigs George Lynch, and Page Hamilton's rigs.

The BHP Lang DCP-1 tones are super clean, and crushing metal. It's a thrash players dream. There are light overdrive tones here. It's GAIN and more gain! Profiled through VHT2150 power amp, and the power section of a JCM800.

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