The BHP MBpre Profile Pack seeks to recreate the classic guitar tones from rigs and recordings that incorporated the Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp. The Studio Preamp is one of the true and classic preamp workhorses. The Studio Preamp could be found in racks from artists as diverse as studio ace Dann Huff, Kirk Hammet from Metallica and of course Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.

The BHP MBpre tries to recreate the classic tones like the crystal clear clean, and studio crunch, and searing gain tones.

The BHG MBpre is a pack of 32 profiles for use with the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

SOUND SAMPLES - coming soon

MB Pre Patch List:

MBpre 80’s Studio Lead

MBpre Articulate

MBpre Big Neck

MBpre Blues

MBpre Clean and Clear

MBpre Clean Bright

MBpre Clean Chime

MBpre Clean Dry

MBpre Clean Funk

MBpre Clean Wet

MBpre Continuum

MBpre Country

MBpre Huff Crunch

MBpre Huff DI Crunch

MBpre Jazz

MBpre Metallikirk

MBpre Mo Gain Loose

MBpre Mo Gain Tight

MBpre Nirv Dirt 1

MBpre Nirv Dirt 2

MBpre Nirv Grunge

MBpre Nirv Teen Clean

MBpre Nirv Teen Dirt FX

MBpre Nirv Teen Verse FX

MBpre Rhythm

MBpre Searing Gain

MBpre Shimmer

MBpre Shortest Straw

MBpre Sykes WS Lead

MBpre Sykes WS Rhythm

MBpre V EQ

MBpre Who Chords

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