BHP SilverTTwin

The BHP SilverTTwin seeks to recreate the monster vintage tones of the Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve. These are the kind of tones that could easily be found on almost any Jack White record. The SilverTTwin tones can bring something very special to a country, blues, roots or rock song.

15 Profiles recorded at two different studios.

SilverTTwin 1484 Studio 1-4 were profiled using a vintage API console

The others were profiles with API channels and Neve EQ.

SilverTTwin Ch1 Oct Fuzz

SilverTTwin Ch1 MXR D+

SilverTTwin Ch1 Pickl Fuzz

SilverTTwin Ch1 Morgn OD

SilverTTwin Ch2 v3 b5 t7 (Volume 3 Bass 5 Treble 7)

SilverTTwin Ch2 v4 b6 t7

SilverTTwin Ch2 v4 b7 t7

SilverTTwin Ch2 v6 b7 t7

SilverTTwin Ch2 v8 b7 t7

SilverTTwin Ch2 + v9 b0 t6 (Bridged Channels 1 + 2)

SilverTTwin Ch2 v9 b9 t7 (Bridged Channels 1 + 2)

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