BHP Supr C10/T15

The BHP Supr C10/T15 seek to recreate the vintage vibey tones of the Supro Comet 10" combo and the Supro Thunderbolt 15" combo. From clean to fully saturated, the SuprC10/T15 pack delivers those vintage flavored tones that can only be captured with the unique response of 10" and 15" speakers. The profiles were created using a combination of dynamic and ribbon mics (Shure SM57, Royer R-121, Coles 4038), into API and Overstayer mic amps. Perfect for tones that are vintage, as well as tones that are SO vintage that they're modern again ;)

27 Studio Profiles (12 - C10 profiles, 15 - T15 profiles)

Sound Samples coming soon!

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