BHP DIAZ P-XX (Diaz P-20)

BHP DIAZ P-XX (Diaz P-20)

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5 Profiles - P-XX into Friedman 1x12

12 Profiles - P-XX 4x12 v30

3 Profiles - P-XX 4x12 EVm12L

8 Profiles - P-XX combo 1x10

3 Profiles - P-XX into EL34 Power Amp 4x12 v30

The Diaz P-XX is an amp I've been searching for, for roughly 20 years. Believe it or not, I played on at a Guitar Center and was blown away, but couldn't afford it. I regretted it ever since. I finally found another one, and snatched it up. I'm happy to profile it for the guitarists like me that have been yearning for that rare Diaz magic, and no way to get it.

The Diaz P-20 (P-XX) was designed as an outboard all tube preamp. As an afterthought a 20w output section was added to the P-20. The P-20 sounded so good that it was added to the Diaz product line as a separate amp and combo. The most notable Diaz amp users are Chad Taylor (Live) and Warren Haynes (Govt Mule), but Diaz was SRV's amp tech as well as Clapton, Neil Young, Keith Richards, and Bob Dylan. The man was the Puerto-Rican amp wizard!!!

The P-XX has a bright switch and boost. IMO the amp sounds best always with the boost switch in. It is tighter, and more full sounding. Most of the profiles have the boost engaged. The profiles without the boost are notated with a "NB" in the title.


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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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