BHP GK250 (Gallien-Krueger 250ML)

BHP GK250 (Gallien-Krueger 250ML)

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BHP GK250ML is based on the Gallien Krueger 250ML. This strange little beast from the 80's is an all solid state stereo design featuring 2 x 6.5" speakers that effectively function like laser beams to directionally blast 100w of solid state power into your face! The real amazing thing, is that this little amp became a secret weapon for many of the 80's top players! Iron Maiden (Seventh Son) and Rush (Power Windows) have entire albums with the guitar tones almost entirely the 250. Even Nuno Bettencourt used the 250 for solo tones on Extreme's 3 Sides album. The amp features built in chorus and compression buttons (no fine tuning controls), that I attempted to recreate with the Kemper insert plugins. The amp has 6 knobs, 2 buttons, and 4 channels, ranging from super super clean, to "Rockman" style 80's DI tones, to pretty convincing and crushing distorted tones. I absolutely love Alex Lifeson's tones on Power Windows. He stacked on massive reverb, chorus' and delays. I wish the Kemper had more FX slots, but I think I created some pretty nice Lifeson presets here. The Maiden tones came out very close. It's a VERY retro kind of tone. It would be right at home in some modern 'Synth-Wave' style music. At raging volume, the amp is piercing and painful, thanks to it's 6.5" speakers. But, when you plug it into a stereo 2x12, or a 4x12, it blossoms and comes alive. Although, it's still a painful session because this doesn't bypass those internal laser speakers! I tried ALL kids of different mic'ing techniques to capture some of this amps tone mojo. I hope you like it. It was very interesting to work on, and is DEFINITELY a useful and fun pack to have in your arsenal.

59 Studio Profiles


GK250 ch1 Clean Comp

GK250 ch2 Chorus

GK250 ch3 Chorus

GK250 ch2 Chunky

GK250 Extreme3 Nuno LD1

GK250 Extreme3 Nuno LD2

GK250 Extreme3 Nuno LD3

GK250 Lifeson Clean

GK250 Lifeson Clean Compressed

GK250 Lifeson Dirt

GK250 Lifeson Funk

GK250 Lifeson Lead

GK250 Lifeson Lead Wet

GK250 Lifeson Rock

GK250 Lifeson Space

GK250 Lifeson Wide

GK250 Lifeson Wide Clean

GK250 Maiden Clean

GK250 Maiden Lead

GK250 Maiden Long Distance Runner Lead

GK250 Maiden Run 2 The Hills

GK250 Maiden Somewhere In Time

GK250 Maiden Somewhere In Time Lead

GK250 Maiden Wasted

GK250 ch1-1 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch1-2 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch2-1 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch2-2 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch2-3 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch3-1 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch3-2 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch3-3 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch3-4 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch3-5 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch3-6 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch4-1 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch4-2 (2x6.5)

GK250 ch4-3 (2x6.5)

GK250 2x12 ch1

GK250 2x12 ch2

GK250 2x12 ch3

GK250 2x12 ch4

GK250 4x12 ch1-1

GK250 4x12 ch1-2

GK250 4x12 ch2-1

GK250 4x12 ch2-2

GK250 4x12 ch3-1

GK250 4x12 ch3-2

GK250 4x12 ch4-1

GK250 4x12 ch4-2

GK250 4x12 ch4-3

GK250 4x12 ch4-4

GK250 4x12 ch4-5

GK250 DI Ch1-1

GK250 DI Ch1-2

GK250 DI Ch2-1

GK250 DI Ch2-2

GK250 DI Ch3-1

GK250 DI Ch4-1


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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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