BHP MTX1000 (Lee Jackson Metaltronix M-1000 head)

BHP MTX1000 (Lee Jackson Metaltronix M-1000 head)

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The BHP LJ MTX1000 pack seeks to recreate the classic guitar tones from rigs that incorporated the Lee Jackson Metaltronix M-1000 amplifier head. This head was a culmination of 80's hard rock and metal mods done to heads of the best players in Hollywood. Zakk Wylde's came onto the scene with these tones. Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Warren Dimartini, all launched their tones from. The "built to blast" design is bright and brash and gainy. But, when dialed in, these tone are iconic 80's metal tones that would be difficult to achieve with any other amp... unless it's one of Lee Jackson's mods.

27 Studio Profiles



Built to Blast

Clean He Says

Clean Sparkling

Loudness Thunder

Loudness Soldier

Lynch Lock & Key

Lynch Lock Lead

PG Lean Into It

PG Lucky This Time

PG Mr Big

PG Mr Big 2

PG Street Lethal

Ratt Lay It Down

Ratt Warren

Ratt You’re In Love

Stage II

Stage II Loud

Turned Up Loud

Vai Bump n Grind

Vai Eat ‘Em

Vai I’m Easy

with SD1

Zakk Crazy Babies

Zakk Purple Hz

Zakk Tattooed D

Zk Just Say Ozzy

Zk Just Say Ozzy Lead


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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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