BHP MAYPLEX (Roger Mayer 12AX7 Plexi Preamp)

BHP MAYPLEX (Roger Mayer 12AX7 Plexi Preamp)

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BHP Mayplex Profile Pack

based on the Roger Mayer 12ax7 Tube Preamp

11 Studio Profiles through EL34 (Fried JEL) power section

9 Studio Profiles through 5881 (Fried DS) power section

10 Direct Profiles

Sound Samples:

Super rare ROGER MAYER triple 12AX7 all tube high voltage preamp, only 80 made in the 80s by roger himself, the man who worked on jimi hendrix's effects and amps. These were made in the early to mid 80s. These are one of the very first ever rack tube guitar preamps. Contains triple 12AX7 tubes run at vintage amp high voltages, along with 4 transformers (3 power and 1 round output) and is dual channel in the style of vintage marshall plexi/bluesbreaker meets tweed bassman, with special tone tweaks.

Like an old cranked plexi 4 hole type amp. It is not a high gain hotrodded marshall metal style, It is in the classic 60s 70s cranked vintage marshall range. Also takes pedals well for higher gain harder rock when pushed. This pack includes profiles with Klon and Noble overdrives.

Here is a quote I found from Roger in an old interview about these:
"When I started looking into guitar amplifiers and playing with them, I started making for the recording studio an item, a preamp box, that basically had a very similar front end like a classic amplifier," Mayer said, "Because people in the studio wanted to have a direct sound that they could put into the studio desk that had tubes in front of it. This was a three-tube, 12AX7 unit. Basically you had a similar circuit to a good amplifier up to the power tubes, then a nice little transformer output that went into a recording desk." - Roger Mayer

*note from Michael: Strangely 6 of the EL34 profiles show that there is no cab, but the profiles sounded really good, so I decided to include them.


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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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