BHP SLOWAT (Soldano Hiwatt)

BHP SLOWAT (Soldano Hiwatt)

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BHP SloWat

The BHP SloWat Profile Pack contains 32 profiles for the KPA. The BHP SloWat Pack seeks to recreate the tones from a rare (1 of 3) 1988 Soldano/ Hiwatt rackmount head hand built by Mike Soldano. It is a Hiwatt DR front end with an SLO power section. The amp works just like a Hiwatt other than the inputs for the Normal and Bright channels are linked to one input ala David Gilmour. It is 100 watts running 5881/6L6 tubes.

Despite despite being crafted by one of the godfathers of gain, Mike Soldano, the amp is NOT a gain monster. Instead, it delivers powerful and pure bad-ass tone with a rock attitude. On it's own it goes from clean to broken up, but it's a perfect pedal platform. This profile pack recreates tones of the amp itself as well as many amp pedal combinations, like; 5150 pedal, Box Of Rock, Fuzz Face, JHS AT Drive, Big Muff, Basic Audio Gnarly Fuzz, Colorsound Overdriver, and Little Green Wonder.

Sound Examples:


SloWat 515 Oh Cut

SloWat 515 Oh Gain

SloWat 515 Oh Grit

SloWat 515 Oh Low

SloWat 515 Oh Push

SloWat A Gilmour Clean

SloWat A Hairy Creamback

SloWat A Les Clean

SloWat A Loud & Loose

SloWat A Loud Semi

SloWat A Tough Clean

SloWat A Very Clean

SloWat A Who

SloWat Angry Andy Mid

SloWat Angry Andy Up

SloWat BoxR Beefy

SloWat BoxR Fat

SloWat BoxR JCM

SloWat BoxR Rocks

SloWat BoxR Warmer

SloWat Colorsound

SloWat FFace Lead

SloWat Gilmour Ld 1

SloWat Gilmour Ld 2

SloWat Gnarly Fz

SloWat GreenWundr 1

SloWat GreenWundr 2

SloWat GreenWundr 3

SloWat Muff Fat

SloWat Muff Fuzz

SloWat Nirvana


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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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