BHP TOREN'S 800 (Marshall JCM800 2203)

BHP TOREN'S 800 (Marshall JCM800 2203)

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BHP Toren's 800

BHP Toren's 800 Profile Pack

The Marshall 2203 is one of the most iconic rock amps ever. The modded tones are amazing, but so is the unmodified amp that is the foundational tone of so many amp legends. My friend Michael Toren has an incredible sounding 800, and the profiles are massive! Profiled through a great sounding 1960 cab, and I pulled out 10 of my favorite overdrive pedals and created some of the best hard rock and metal tones available from any amp.

Sound Samples:


Toren800 Brite

Toren800 BuxBoost 1

Toren800 BuxBoost 2

Toren800 BuxBoost 3

Toren800 BuxBoost Fat

Toren800 Clean

Toren800 Duellist

Toren800 Fat

Toren800 Fat Bluesy

Toren800 FriedBox

Toren800 Gain 10

Toren800 Govnor 1

Toren800 Govnor 2

Toren800 Green Day

Toren800 Low PreAmp 2

Toren800 Micro-Amp

Toren800 Micro-Amp 2

Toren800 Micro-Amp 3

Toren800 OD2 1

Toren800 OD2 2

Toren800 OD3 Cutting

Toren800 OD3 J Healey

Toren800 PreAmp 1

Toren800 Riot

Toren800 Scoop

Toren800 SD2

Toren800 SD2 Zakk

Toren800 TS9

Toren800 TS9 Chunk


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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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