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Included in this pack is 43 presets based on a ADA MP1 Preamp.  This collection includes the TONEX ToneNet Collection.  If you have purchased the collection from there, please send me an email and I'll upgrade your for a discounted price. Collection

*See image for list of presets

  • This collection seeks to recreate the classic guitar tones from rigs that incorporated the ADA. MP-1. The MP-1 was arguably the most widely used rack preamp among rock and metal players, do largely to it's MIDI controllability, hot rodded tones and affordable price. Players like Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Vito Bratta (White Lion), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Skid Row and even Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica used the MP-1 extensively. The ADAMP tones were created using multiple speaker and cabinets, and actual outboard EQ unit that was actually used on many of the famous MP-1 recordings. 

    You'll notice some of the presets with the name ADA45 or preset45. Classic albums from Skid Row, White Lion, and Extreme were all recorded with the MP-1 AND they all used the same preset!!! Uber-Producer Michael Wagener produced all of these artists and crafted some of the most iconic distorted tones ever to come blasting through speakers. This pack uses some of the same techniques he used, as well as some of the exact same gear that he used on these recordings (I purchased some of these units from Michael Wagener before he retired). 



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Care Instructions

These profiles should install without any issues, but if you run into any poblems, please try updating to the latest Kemper OS. That seems to fix most problems that arise. Enjoy!

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